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Heureu Investment Holdings provides a wide range of investment management and private wealth management services. Our client relationship is built on personal trust, open communication and company wide integrity. Heureu builds and manages globally diversified investment portfolios of equities and fixed income securities, tailored to each client’s distinct Investor Profile.

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Below are some of the reasons why 33,000+ investors have entrusted there coins to us.

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Heureu constructs investment portfolios based on sound financial science developed by Nobel Laureates and leading academics. More importantly, our portfolios deliver superior real-world performance while minimizing taxes and transaction costs.
Equity Investment Approach: -Provide true global diversification to obtain asset class performance and reduce risk -Offer superior long-term growth with an emphasis on small company and value stocks
Fixed Income Investment Approach: -Adding fixed income reduces overall portfolio risk and volatility -Risk is reduced by focusing on higher quality, shorter duration instruments, which have less correlation with equities

Heureu uses financial science combined with sophisticated modelling to create an array of investment options to meet your changing needs.

Investment Packages

$ 3,000 Minimum

Currency Trading Portfolio

  • 5-65% Weekly ROI
  • Market Focus: Stock, Bonds, Cryptocurrency
    Forex, Special Security markets
  • High Volatile Investment
  • Automatic payout in BTC
  • 6 Months Minimum Hold
$ 25,000 Minimum

NFP Investment

  • 120-150% Monthly ROI
  • Market Focus: Forex and Special Security markets
  • Moderate Volatile Investment
  • Automatic payout in BTC
  • 1 Year Minimum Hold
$ 100,000 & Above

FOMC Investment Portfolio

  • 200-350% Quarterly ROI
  • Minimum Hashrate
  • Stable Volatile Investment
  • Automatic payout in BTC
  • 1 Year Minimum Hold

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